Microsoft Publisher Training Courses

Publisher Training Courses

Unleash your creative side

Publishing professional business cards, greeting cards and documents is possible when you harness the power of Microsoft Publisher. Publisher has more flexibility to produce documents than Microsoft Word. Gaining the skills to using Publisher effectively will open doorways to creativity and business opportunity.

Beginner Publisher Course

This course is for people who have no prior knowledge of Publisher and includes the following topics;

  • Create Publications
  • Working with Text Boxes
  • Shapes
  • Word Art
  • Building Blocks
  • Linked Text Boxes
  • Working with Images and Clip Art
  • Grouping and Layering Objects
  • Layout Guides

Advanced Publisher Course

Produce Stylish publications more efficiently with these enhancements;

  • User Master Pages
  • Importing Text from files
  • Mail Merge
  • Using Design Checker
  • Using the Graphics Manager
  • Using Templates
  • Create a Catalog