Windows 10 Upgrade Training

What is different now!

Now you have Windows 10 Installed What has it got to Offer? Personalise your operating system and desktop and programs for the tasks you perform most.

Windows 10 Start Menu

Want to find programs quickly? Customise your start menu to include your most regularly used programs.

windows 10 start menu

  • To remove icons, Right Click and choose Unpin from Start
  • To add icons, search for programs and right click on the searched program and choose Pin to Start

windows 10 start menu

OneDrive Pros & Cons

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud-based file hosting service that allows for public or private sharing and syncing of files.

one drive pros cons

Pros and Cons;

  • Access files from virtually anywhere and on any device, anytime
  • Share files and work with others
  • Check your security - use strong passwords and choose the right file sharing permissions
  • Slower to access files than from hard drive
  • Requires good and consistent internet connection

Quick Access Shortcuts

Quick Access gives you an area in File Explorer to better organise your files and locate recently accessed folders.

windows 10 quick access

It is also customisable. You can pin folders that you regularly access to save time navigating through your hard drive

windows quick access

Click the Pin To Quick Access button on a folder to have this shortcut added to your Quick Access area.

Windows 10 Backup

windows 10 backup

Select the Start Windows 10 start button, select Settings > Update & security > Backup > Add a drive , and then choose an external drive or network location for your backups.

Every hour, Windows will back up everything in your user folder. To change which files get backed up or how often backups happen, go to More options.

Free up disk space

Uninstalling old programs can be useful for freeing up storage space on your pc. You'll also notice start up times improve if you clean up. Search for Disk Cleanup in Windows 10. You can also Uninstall the old version of windows. Make sure you tick "Previous Windows Installation"

Windows 10 Upgrade

Write on the Web

Microsoft Edge is the only internet browser that lets you scribble, highlight and take notes directly on web pages using Web Notes. You can save your work or share it. Select Make a Web Note Windows 10 Consultant and choose a pen, highlight or text box to add a note and the Share it or Save it. Use the Pen Windows 1-0 Tutorials, Highlighter How to upgrade Windows 10, type a note Windows 10 IT Consultant and the share Windows 10 Coursesit

Windows 10 Training

Turn On System Restore

Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

Windows 10 disables System Restore. System Restore is a handy tool that helps you restore your computer's system files to an earlier point in time.

Search for System Protection and click Configure to enable System Restore again. Allocate up to 10% of your available space.

Limit Windows 10 using your internet

Windows 10 includes a new peer-to-peer downloads for windows updates. By default, Windows will automatically use your PC’s Internet connection to upload updates to other computers over the internet, wasting your upload bandwidth.

1. Click the Start and choose Settings
2. Choose the Update & security option
3. Click the Advanced options at the bottom of the Windows Update screen
4. Scroll down to the bottom and select Choose how updates are delivered
5. Choose PCs on my local network

Windows 10 Updates Tips

This means faster downloads and less download bandwidth used. You’ll only have to download the updates once and they’ll be shared amongst all your work/home PCs.